Esudas Bontha Indian Christian School and Children's Home




Extending opportunities and support to the less fortunate of rural India.

Basic education in India is not available to all children. Generally it's reserved for children of wealthy, Hindu, and higher caste members of Indian society. Christian, lower caste, and poorer children are often forced to go without, and their prospects in life are made dependent on the more fortunate and educated.

Brother Esudas' ministry is dedicated to providing an education to the poor, the lower caste, and non-Hindu Indian children; so that they may be properly equipped to have a more independent, brighter future.

They also provide other community services to poor rural areas, such as transportation to health care facilities from remote areas, and seek to be able to provide services in feeding the poor and housing orphans.

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Raintree Village Children and Family Services

This is Raintree Village, located in Dasher GA, where godly men and women have committed themselves to establishing a Christian community where abuse, abandonment and neglect of children is replaced by healing, nurturing and love.

Raintree’s mission is of vital importance to our community and society; in Georgia alone, 30 children enter foster care every day. That’s over 10,000 children a year! Due to many reasons, one out of five of these children can’t be placed with foster families and it’s up to organizations like Raintree Village to care for them.

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