It works. You have the member’s directory in the member’s page. Was the most important part.

Buuuut…it’s ugly. And not as feature rich as I’d like. Please feel free to bring up any ideas on aesthetics or features. After all, it’s your web site, too!

Overall goal is to make it small and compact. I know this is a side alley, so I want everything to be in reach from the entrance. The goal is to point to the places you actually want to go, with minimum hassle. So we’re making this site a signpost, not a destination.

Current goal is to get the slider doing stuff. Last site’s slider was just pretty pictures; this one is actually sliding mini web pages! But they’re mini web pages we have to write and make fit right. So, more awesome; but more work. Hopefully, though, will make at-a-glance use a lot easier and more interesting.

“Darn it, Jim; I’m a programmer, not a web designer.”