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Adam’s Rib – Highway 30 Church of Christ
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Adam’s Rib

Adam’s Rib

Occasionally, those who are opposed to the biblical story of creation will ask the question: “If God used Adam’s rib to create Eve, then he obviously spent the rest of his life with one less rib. So how come men aren’t born with one less rib than women?”

To answer the second question first, consider this. If a man accidentally cuts off one of his fingers in a table saw accident, we would hardly anticipate that any male children he produces will likewise be born with only nine fingers, while daughters born to him would possess all ten! We understand his children would most likely all be born with ten digits because that information is in the genetic code, which doesn’t change because he had an accident.

And to the first question, consider this. It is not likely that Adam himself spent the rest of his life with one less rib. Let me explain. I read an article of a man who survived a horrible car crash with a tanker. His recovery was long and slow involving many surgeries to reconstruct areas of his broken body including his face. The man noticed that the doctors were fond of taking bone from one side of his rib cage to reconstruct his face. At one point he asked the doctor, “If you keep taking bone from the same rib, won’t you use it up?” The doctor’s response surprised him. He said, “Each surgery requires us to take a whole rib bone out each time. We leave the periosteum intact, so the rib usually just grows right back again.”

The periosteum is a membrane that surrounds each bone. It also contains cells that can manufacture new bone. The trick for the surgeon is to remove the bone while leaving the periosteum as intact as possible. The better job he does at removing the bone without damaging the periosteum, the faster the healing process will be.

Well, if that is true, who better to operate on Adam than the Great Physician? Never mind the fact that He could have just given Adam a new rib on the spot, the fact is, even if God didn’t, if modern doctors are aware of how to extract ribs while encouraging them to grown back quickly, how much more so God, with whom it can be assumed administered a perfect surgical procedure on Adam?

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